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We give musicians, artists and DJ’s the mobile marketing tools and knowledge for creating real, sustainable monthly income with their content.

What Is An EVO Band App?

A Custom Mobile App For Your Fans

The Tools You Need To Monitize Those Fans

More Features, More Benefits, More Integrations and More Affordable, Than Any Other Music Marketing Platform.

An all-in-one solution for bands and artists at every level.

Create Sustainable Monthly Recurring Income with Fan Club Memberships.

We NEVER take a penny from your music or merch sales.

It feels so empowering to finally have a real plan now. Every gig is all about getting people who have just met us to download our app. Then they get to know us and show up more! Working on building the fan base now and looking forward to sending our fan club members all the live streams from the recording studio while we work on the new music. Nicole DuBois-Berkowitz

Out Of Habit

It seems like every day we find new ways to use our app to engage with our fans. Sending the text messages (Push Notifications) to fans in a city when we are on the way is awesome. Getting fans on the road to download our app is now our main goal. John Blek

John Blek & The Rats

The mobile app is the best investment we have ever made. It is an all in one gig booking and marketing machine. There is nothing like being directly in your fans pockets. Nicholas Angelo

Lights At Night